SI Automation

The ultimate goal of the SI project is to produce 2 station (Hb-Ht) results with the shortest possible turn around. Currently SI experiments run from 5:30pm - 6:30pm (AEDT), and are processed the following work day (takes ~2 hours total).

Ideally we want to be able to automate from the correlation step all the way through to creation of a LEVEL4 vgosDb archive.


  • Meeting with Lim, determine what is possible to use from his current dynamic correlation setup (I think from correlation through fringe fitting should be mostly solved?)
  • Determine how to automate the nuSolve step, this may not be feasible for experiments with many stations, however, for a 2 station experiment with no clock breaks it might be possible.

nuSolve LEVEL4 automation

Trying to figure out how to sucessfully run nuSolve from the command line to automate level 4 database creation.

Current understanding is:

  • 'nuSolve -a SI' will run nuSolve with custom preferences which can be modified once it has launched. I have edited the data location (this has been set to the default on the generic setup) - I have also tried editing the post-import options in the 'general configuration' settings. These seem like where we should be looking but I am yet to get anything to successfully process yet.
  • I am currently using the following command to run nuSolve via command line: 'nuSolve -a SI -m -c 22JAN03XT' this starts the processing fine but throws an error saying it has failed during processing. Looks like it is falling over relatively early - either because it can't read manual phase cal information OR its failing during single band delay ionospheric corrections.