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-====== AUA075 ======+====== Auscope VLBI Operations Wiki ======
-**Hobart 12m**+Welcome to the AuScope VLBI Operations Wiki. This Wiki is divided into two main sections:
-Field system crashed noticed at approximately 20:30 Hobart time, 10:30 UTC. Prad restarted experiment but Telescope was stuck in SLEW and wasn't changing elevation/azimuth. Warren called and restarted system again. System function normal by 23:00 hobart/ 13:00 UTC(Jasper) +[[wiki:operations|Observing ]] Documentation for observers, including set-up details and troubleshooting when observing.
 +[[wiki:technical|Technical Operations]]  - Documentation for operations staff, including data transfers, configuration changes, hardware upgrades, etc.
 +Access to the former wiki is via: http://auscope0.phys.utas.edu.au/opswiki/
 +**NB** - this is no longer maintained and should only be used for updating this one. 
 +===== Meetings =====
 +Observer's meetings are held fortnightly, currently at Thursday 11am via Zoom. 
 +[[operations:meetingminutes|Meeting Agenda and minutes]]
 +Telescope users meetings are held roughly bi-monthly - email Lucia or Lucas if you would like to be involved:
 +[[http://fourier.phys.utas.edu.au/telescope-meeting-minutes/|Minutes from past telescope users meetings]]
 +===== Observatory tours =====
-**All Stations (Yg, Hb, Ke)** 
-- Some of the checklists for stations had error comments made on them (when none was necessary) since operator was not aware of the idiosyncrasies of station systems. Warren overviewed systems and deemed them functional and satisfactory. (Jasper)