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    10 September 2010

    The Hobart 12m is participating in R4447, its first geodetic observation since the feed upgrade. Other stations are: Hobart 26m, Badart (Russia), Kokee Park (Hawaii), Matera (Italy), Medicina (Italy), Svetloe (Russia) and TIGO (Chile)


    March 2010

    Construction of all three antennas is complete


    9 February 2010:

    Opening of the Hobart 12m Antenna by His Excellency the Governor of Tasmania, the Honorable Peter Underwood


    24 December 2009

    First fringes to an AuScope telescope: Hobart 12m to Hobart 26m

    December 2009

    Construction nearing completion at Katherine:

    kathka from above

    And construction starts at Yarragadee:


    October 2009

    Foundations are now complete at Yarragadee:

    yarragadee foundations

    August 2009

    The first of our Digital Base-Band Converter (DBBC) units has now arrived at Hobart.

    Construction of foundations at the Katherine site are now complete. Photos and updates are available from our Flickr and Facebook pages.

    Telescope foundations, 6 August 2009:

    katherine foundations

    April 2009

    Construction of the 12m antenna at Hobart is under way. Photos and movies of the construction are on the Hobart installation page.

    February 2009

    Construction of the AuScope VLBI Operations Room at UTAS has been completed.

    18 December 2008

    The foundations for the Hobart antenna have now been poured. Two Hydrogen masers are now installed at the observatory.

    6 October 2008

    The University of Tasmania has signed a contract with Patriot Antenna Systems Inc for three 12.1 metre diameter antennas for the AuScope VLBI array. The first antenna will be installed at the Hobart site early in 2009 with the Yarragadee and Katherine telescopes to be installed later in the year. It is anticipated that full operations will commence in the first half of 2010.

    Each telescope will be equipped with coaxial S/X-band feeds and room-temperature, dual polarisation receivers. The data will be digitised using the the DBBC System from INAF and recorded using the Conduant Mark5B+ system. Each site will be equipped with Vremya-ch Hydrogen Maser standards.

    June 2008

    Contract signed with Vremya-ch for three Hydrogen Maser standards

    3 -7 March 2008

    AuScope VLBI Planning and Networks meeting held in Hobart

    1 October 2007

    Request for Tender for the Hobart antenna released

    September 2007

    The contract between UTas and AuScope was signed, permitting UTas to go forward on Request for Tender for the Hobart antenna.