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The AuScope VLBI sites. See the Status page for updates on progress.

AuScope is part of the Australian Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). It encompasses NCRIS Capability 5.13: "Structure and Evolution of the Australian Continent". An important part of this is the AuScope VLBI Project which includes the acquisition of three new radio telescopes and a data processing facility for geodesy. It is this array that ties Australian geodesy into the International Geospatial Reference Frame which is tied to the International Celestial Reference Frame. The array is being operated for AuScope by the University of Tasmania, contracted through Geoscience Australia. The operations are coordinated within the International VLBI Service (IVS) as well as the Asian Oceania VLBI Group (AOV).

The AuScope array has been participating in IVS observations since 2011. Filling a gap in the global network, triggering a change in scheduling and recording speeds and being amongst the busiest telescopes in the IVS over the past years, the AuScope array has impacted global VLBI observations. This contribution covers 10 years of AuScope VLBI. Concentrating on Australian stations and baselines, we highlight the achievements of our first decade in this Video.

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